Travel to Full Moon Party: Best ways to get to Koh Phangan

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What are the best ways to get to Koh Phangan Full Moon Party? Whether on a budget or in comfort, whether you travel from New York, San Francisco, Sidney, Singapore, or Bangkok – we got you covered. We show you all the travel hacks to get you on time to Full Moon Party in Koh Phangan. Buckle up!

Does Koh Phangan have an airport?

Koh Phangan does not have a working airport, so everybody comes on the ferry or speedboat. However, for those already on the island, it is interesting to know that there is an abandoned Koh Phangan Airport project, iIn the middle of the Koh Phangan nature reserve. So if you have some time to explore Koh Phangan´s hidden gems, a hike up to the abandoned airport is a great start.

Ferries to Koh Phangan

Since there is no Koh Phangan airport, you have to take a boat or ferry to Koh Phangan. The crossing takes about 3 1/2 hours from Surat Thani and 30 minutes from Koh Samui Island by boat.

Ferries and Speedboats from Koh Samui

When you come from Koh Samui you have two options, there are speedboats and ferries. The ferries take a bit longer but are more comfortable, especially if the sea is rough.

If you want to visit the full moon party, it is convenient to take a direct ferry or boat from Koh Samui to Haad Rin. Note that there are also ferries that go to Thong Sala, which is the central town of Koh Phangan. From Thong Sala, it is a taxi ride of 30 minutes to Haad Rin. We give some tips on how close to the Full Moon Party you would want to have your hotel.

You can buy an integrated ticket from tour agents. This will include pick up from your hotel in Koh Samui, transfer for the speedboat, the crossing to Koh Phangan, and the return trip to Koh Samui. Many of the speedboats run every hour during full moon night. Make sure you get a flexible ticket, so you can decide last minute which speedboat to take.

Ferries from Surat Thani

If you want to visit Koh Phangan, going through Koh Samui airport is the most convenient option, because of the proximity of Koh Samui and Koh Phangan. However, Koh Samui airport is only served by a single airline, Bangkok Airways. Therefore ticker prices tend to be higher. If you travel on a budget, you may want to fly to Surat Thani airport. From Surat Thani airport, tour operators offer integrated tickets, to take you to the ferry and then on to Koh Phangan, often stopping in Koh Samui on the way.

From Bangkok

Fastest Option (Most Comfortable)
1) Book an hour flight from Bangkok Airways (call center 1771) or Thai Airlines (call center 02-256 1111) to Koh Samui and buy boat and bus ticket from the airport limousine counter to get to Koh Phangan.

2) Book the flight at (call center 02-515 9999) or Nok Air (call center: 1126) which operate a one hour and ten minutes flights from Bangkok to Surat Thani province daily, buy a boat and bus ticket direct to Koh Phangan from the information counter in Surat Thani airport.

Cheapest Option (But longer…)
1) Buy joint ticket (boat & bus) from any travel agent in Bangkok (especially on Kao San Road) direct to Koh Phangan. The bus leaves from Bangkok at 1800pm and you will be on Koh Phangan about noon time the next day.

2) Buy joint ticket (train & bus & boat) from Bangkok train station direct to Koh Phangan. Train leaves 2-3 times in the evening and you will be on Koh Phangan the next day. website:

Please note – Usually, the bus is available all the time, you do not need to book in advance.

Train on the other hand is always fully booked on the weekend and public holidays. If you choose this transportation, please be aware to book at least 7 days in advance

International Flights

From the United States

From Europe

From Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, and Hong Kong

Fastest Option (Most Comfortable)
Bangkok Airways (call center 1771) operates flights leaving from Singapore to Koh Samui daily.

Air Asia (call center: 02-515 9999) operates flights leaving from Kuala Lumpur to Koh Samui daily.

Fastest Option (Most Comfortable)
Bangkok Airways (call center 1771) operates flights leaving from Hong Kong to Koh Samui daily.

When should I book?

Please note that Travel during Peak Season (December-April) needs flight booking at least one month in advance.

How do I travel to Full Moon Party From Phuket?

Fastest Option (Most Comfortable)
Bangkok Airways (call center 1771) operates flights from Phuket to Koh Samui daily. Flight schedules changes due to tourist seasons.

Cheapest Option (But longer…)
The easiest way to get the joint ticket (boat and bus) direct to Koh Phangan is to contact any travel agency in Phuket. They all sell tickets and arrange the journey for you.