Unique Tours to Hidden Koh Samui & Koh Phangan places


Are you wondering how to see more of the Thai islands than what you see on the Full Moon Party beach? Even if you only have a few days’ time, there are some unforgettable sights you do not want to miss out on. Some of these amazing places are difficult to explore on your own, so we have compiled the best tours for you and tell you what to consider when selecting a tour company.

Tips for the best tour experience on Koh Samui and Koh Phangan

There are quite a few tour providers on the Thai islands, most offering similar tours for almost identical prices. In our experience, it is crucial to choose a reliable and experienced provider to make sure you don´t have any bad surprises or misunderstandings that will leave you stranded halfway into your tour.

Therefore, we are closely working with our preferred partner, Koh Samui Tours, who tick all the boxes: English and German native-speaker customer support, competent guides, safety-aware drivers, a smooth online booking process, and payment upon pickup.

Together we have compiled the list of most popular tours, here we go:

Angthong National Park

private boat in an island

The Angthong Marine Park Full-Day Boat Tour lets you discover one of the world´s most amazing maritime destinations. The Marine Park (also called Golden Basin Ang Thong National Park) is an archipelago with 42 islands. Some of the highlights include the Green Emerald Lagoon and the island of Wua Ta Lap (the so-called “sleeping cow’s eye”) with its incredible viewpoint over the whole Angthong National Park. Furthermore, there is the famous stalactite Ang Thong National cave. You will have enough time for sunbathing, swimming, and snorkeling at some of the world’s most remote and beautiful beaches. Book your day tour to Angthong Marine Park now!

Koh Samui Tours offers two options starting from Koh Samui: There is the normal “big” boat tour, and there is the VIP experience in a small, cozy boat (at only 600 Baht more). If you are staying on Koh Phangan we recommend this tour provider via Viator.

What are your favorite animals – Dolphins, Elephants – or Pigs?

While all of the tours offer incredible nature experiences – there are a few tours, especially for animal lovers. So you have your choice between dolphins, pigs, and elephants.

Pig Island

pig swimming

This joint snorkeling Tour to Pig Island including Koh Mudsum and Koh Tan is definitely a must-do. In addition to kayaking, snorkeling, and lunch, the tour includes a lot more worth seeing. The islands, some of which are still uninhabited, with no running electricity or water, invite you to escape from everyday stress. Of course, you will also see the highlight of this boat trip, namely the partly swimming woolly pigs on the beach of Koh Mudsum!

Pink Dolphins

closeup photo of a pink dolphin

On this half-day boat tour, you´ll be taken to the coast of Khanom, where you can experience one of the greatest sights “Pink Dolphins”. On the varied journey with the speed boat past the “Pancake stone”, you will be able to see the pink dolphins. Afterward, you get served a delicious Thai seafood lunch. From here it goes to Koh Tan for snorkeling. Then we anchor before Koh Mudsum and there you can experience the woolly pigs on the white sand beach. Here you have time for a relaxing stay on the beach or a walk. After we will cruise back to Koh Samui by speedboat.


an elephant reaching out for leaves

This tour is a visit to the Elephant Home animal sanctuary on Koh Samui in a big wild area. This project aims to increase learning and understanding between humans and elephants as sentient beings. The project also strongly focuses on maintaining the health of the elephants. The shelter´s primary caregivers are veterinarians and officers from the Department of Livestock Development.


Check out the Koh Samui Tours website for more exciting tours such as the Koh Samui Island Safari or the Koh Nany Yuan tour