10 Best Koh Phangan hotels and hostels for visiting the Full Moon Party

Comes full moon party, and all Koh Phangan hotels and hostels close to the Haad Rin beach are filled to the last bed. During this peak period, prices at Haad Rin will increase three-fold and many Koh Phangan hotels will only allow minimum bookings of 3 to 5 nights.

We have been helping then thousands of party visitors find the best accommodation – and we have learned: The most important is to Book ahead of time!

Our recommendations: Koh Phangan Hotels

Heart of the Party
    • Classic Full Moon Beach Resort
    • Fantastic Location right Full Moon Beach
    • Beachfront, Swimming Pool
  • $$
Budget Option
Quiet and beautiful resort
    • A 10-minute drive from Party
    • Luxury in a beautiful resort
    • Villas with private pool
  • $$$
Heart of the Party
  • Classic Full Moon Beach Resort
  • Fantastic Location right Full Moon Beach
  • Beachfront, Swimming Pool
Budget Option
  • Great Vibe inside the Full Moon Party Area
  • 5 Days of Free Pool Parties
  • Fantastic Budget Options
Quiet and beautiful resort
  • A 10-minute drive from Party
  • Luxury in a beautiful resort
  • Villas with private pool

How close to the party do you want to stay?

Decide how close to the main beach you want to be: If you want to be at the center of things and don’t mind the crowds and the noise, you will be fine close to the beach party area. Otherwise, you may look at places that are a bit further away, but still within walking distance. The Haad Rin streets will stay busy all night, so usually, it´s safe to walk back safely to your Koh Phangan Hotels.

If you stay further outside, you can use one of the group taxis that run all night. Many of the more remote Koh Phangan Hotels offer their own transportation to the party, often as part of a Full Moon Package.

If you are staying longer and want to enjoy the different facets of the island, consider staying closer to the island capital Thong Sala. This offers more convenient access to all attractions.

1. Accommodations directly on Haad Rin Beach 

Paradise Bungalows

Stay at the location where it all began! Paradise Bungalows is said to have been home to the 1st ever Full Moon party at The Rock Bar before it expanded across all of Haad Rin beach. You can find a carved stone dedicated to the original Full Moon Party here.

This 3-star property is located at the south end of the beach and is a great place for solo travelers and couples looking for a budget stay at the heart of the event. 

House of Sanskara

Do you want to be a part of the action but also be able to have some chill time and occasional breaks in your room? House of Sanskara is on the quieter end of Haad Rin beach but still makes a perfect spot for a front-row seat at the Full Moon Party. 

They offer some of the best Thai dishes and fruit smoothies for a tasty refuel. Stargazers will enjoy the sky view when lying on the hammocks on their terrace. When the moon is not at its fullest, You can also get seats for the Sanskara outdoor movie nights every Saturday and Sunday.

If you are looking for basic accommodation with a magical atmosphere and great service, this is the place to be.

Tommy Resort

Great Thai food, affordable fresh cold beer, and right at the center of the Full Moon Party? Tommy Resort offers everything you need to keep yourself occupied before and after the party!

Koh Phangan Hotels Tommy´s Resort

The owners of this bungalow resort are friendly and are willing to go above and beyond to make sure you have a pleasant stay in this place. Everything is kept clean, from their bedroom to the swimming pool to the bean bags at the sun deck. You can also get a free transfer from Tong Sala pier.

Definitely, the place to be for an unobstructed view of the fire performances while enjoying your private space!

2. Accommodations near Haad Rin Beach (Within walking distance)

Sarikantang Resort & Spa

Just a 10-minute walk away from the Full Moon party, Sarikantang Resort on Leela Beach is a 3-star hotel with gorgeous villas and private beachfront and ocean views, minus the swarm of partygoers. You will be greeted by attentive and friendly staff making sure you get the best service for your vacation. 

The resort also has two swimming pools and a gym, which is rare a rare find in this part of Koh Phangan. Get some of the best massages here and you will be rewarded with a skillful masseur and the relaxing sound of the ocean waves.

Princess Paradise

This 4-star hotel is worth the 17-minute walk from Haad Rin Beach if you prefer a relaxing and quiet stay. The reception will help out with all your needs, from booking the taxi and ferry to the next destination to getting a seat at the best restaurants in town.

Most of the villas here come with a beautiful sea view. During Happy Hour, you can get great cocktails at half-price to indulge and sip by the pool.

3. Accommodations on other parts of the island ( > 3 km)



If you prefer to have the Thong Sala night market, the piers, and the city center within walking distance, Dreamville is indeed the place of dreams. Although it is only a five-minute walk to the center, the hotel has the vibes of a cozy jungle villa. 

This place was recently renovated so you find it to be spick and span with new facilities. Dreamville is great for travelers who want to experience all of Koh Phangan and enjoy the business of Thong Sala. Taxis are available for a 25-minute drive from Haad Rin beach.


Can’t get enough of partying on the beach? Bluerama will continue the party vibes for you! 

Bluerama is a 3-star hilltop hotel located near Nai Wok beach, just north of Thong Sala.  It has a popular infinity pool with great sunset views and a western fusion restaurant attracting many non-hotel guests alike! Party to live DJ music with the beautiful view of Gulf of Thailand in the backdrop.

This resort is a 28 minute drive away from Haad Rin beach. You will need to make a slight hike to the entrance to get to this location but if you do not mind a mini workout to your room, then it’s worth a stay! 

4. Luxury Stays at Koh Phangan

Chantaramas Resort 

Elevate your beach getaway experience with a luxury stay at this 4-star resort away from the hustle and bustle at the Full Moon Party. Enjoy serenity and tranquility with a spectacular view of Baan Kai beach from the comfort of your spacious bedroom and ample balcony space. 

This is one of the best hotels in Koh Phangan to recuperate after a long night out. This resort is conveniently located halfway between Haad Rin and Thong Sala. 

Anantara Rasananda Koh Phangan Villas

Want to have a private stay at one of the most luxurious resorts with the cleanest beaches on Koh Phangan? This 5-star resort is where you want to be after the beach party! Like most luxury hotels on Koh Phangang, Anantara Rasananda is located on the east coast of the island. 

Walk into the reception of Anantara Rasananda and you will be transported to a unique resort experience that combines nature and opulence. The resort is well-shaded by large palm trees and the surrounding lush greenery from the jungle. 

Couples wanting to attend the Full Moon party while having a romantic honeymoon getaway need to book this place now! You will enjoy your private time in your suite while lazing under the sun in this tropical heaven.


With the influx of beachgoers at Koh Phangan these past months, expect these places to sell out fast during the Full Moon party period. Alternatively, there are many hostels and hotels available both on the beach and at various parts of the island to choose from. 

More importantly, book your dates in advance, do your research and have fun at the best beach party in Thailand.